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You are giving Ellie Shou a massage in her feet. She is loving it and her satisfaction face says it all. Meanwhile Mia Trejsi is sitting next to her on the sofa. Ellie’s feet are in your lap and they touch your dick over your trousers. Her face and her caress are making you feel horny. And more when Mia stops scrolling and starts to pay attention to you both, because Ellie is speaking about that you are hard and she wants to see your dick.They take off your trousers and Ellie starts to give you a blowjob while Mia undresses sexily in front of you. The both take turns to lick your cock and to caress you at the same time. Then, Ellie sits on you and fucks you in cowgirl while Mia touches herself. They change positions and now you fuck Mia in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl while Ellie licks her butt and looks at you. Next, you fuck them in missionary while they caress their boobs. You keep having sex until Ellie masturbates you to cum over Mia’s feet. Then, Ellie licks your cum from her foot! This was an amazing threesome after a massage!


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