A Few Drinks… And More!

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You are sitting on the sofa when Claire Roos enters the room with a tray of cocktails. She places it on the table, gracefully kneels down, and offers you a glass. You accept it, taking a sip, while she indulges in her own drink beside you. With a cheeky smile, Claire leans in and asks if you enjoy the cocktail. She gazes at you with a spicy look and mischievous grin, teasing, “Do you know what I want to do right now?”. By how she is looking at you and at your bulge, you are pretty sure of what she wants.She kneels and takes your cock to masturbate you. Then she bends her head and gives you a deep and awesome blowjob. She sits on top of you and you have sex in cowgirl position first. Her face shows how concentrate in her pleasure she is. And she wants you to have the same pleasure. She keeps fucking with you in different positions as reverse cowgirl, doggy or missionary, where you grab her butt and her boobs. In missionary-style, at the end, you take your your dick and jerk off watching her to cum over her stomach.


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