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Looks like we’ve got a really cheeky one here, just look at Sofia Lee’s smile and the naughty mischievous look in her eyes. As the title of the video suggests, it’s time for a bit of After Work Sex. Now, from what we can see, Sofia seems not to hold an executive position judging by her outfit, perhaps more like an erotic position. She has all the energy and fun of a puppy by the look of her dark brown shiny eyes. Perhaps she wants a bone? a long hard cock bone that is. What catches the eye are her fabulous tits, 38F and bursting out of that pink bikini top, they are wobbling so much, it reminds us of a hammock. This is going to be a dream for VR Porn and we want to see Sofia Lee slip her curvy ass out of those jeans, they must be Lee Jeans we guess. Our porn star meets a hunk of a guy. He looks like a much more muscular Jason Statham, perhaps not so Fast & Furious, but vivacious and vigorous. Our man arrives home from work, it’s summer time and Sofia has been washing the car. She’s all soaped up, rubbing the bodywork and squeezing the sponge of bubbles. Now she wants to get her hands on his bodywork and squeeze his long hard throbbing dick. In the house after making a coffee, it looks like Sofia is really after cream, pulling the guy’s impressive swollen prick out of his pants, Sofia strokes his cock shaft arousing his balls and inflating his bell-end as she slips it between her glossy lips and starts sucking him off for a badly needed blowjob. He’s a man in control and spills no cream just yet. At 27 years of age and a petite 5’7” (167cm) tall, Sofia loves a big powerful guy to dominate and penetrate her deeply. Her warm wet pussy is bursting for action, those shaved cunt lips are getting wetter by the second as she urgently needs him inside her fanny. Our man slips down her jeans and panties, entering her sex cavity, and the “After Work Sex” really gets going. Sofia Lee is not quite an innocent submissive, no, this Czech chick has a good few sex tricks to bring to the party, let’s change position she thinks and our VR camera loves it. Sofia climbs on the guy’s cock, facing him and he grasps her ass and cheeks exposing her tight little anal hole, which looks like a lovely chocolate starfish. He pumps her hard, thrusting his ram rod cock in and out of her fanny gash. Sofia needs more of the same, but this time she sits right on top of his powerful body and skewers herself riding on top of his huge prick, from the look on her face she seems to really like that position as his cock glides rhythmically over her pulsating clit. So, who do you think will cum first? Our man is a gentleman, obviously, it has to be ladies first. Having pushed his cock into her pussy from most angles known to man and been sucked off like a pro, we conclude, a cock a day helps you work rest and play. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.


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