Bang Me! – RealityLovers

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Lady Gang began her porn career in 2017 and she’s grown into a big hit, well, her tits are already grown, at 36D, they are a lovely sight to see. We sneak into her room and she’s dressed very elegantly in a gold dress and high heels. Lady Gang is looking in the full-length mirror, just look at her luxurious long dark hair. She has hazel eyes, and slim and slender thighs, it’s enough to hypnotise. She moves right towards us, looking right into our VR rig, now that’s what a classy hot chick looks like for sure. Lady is teasing us, making us hard and warming us up for wanking. She slips up her glossy dress to reveal black silky panties and her fantastic ass, just look at those brilliant buttocks and boobs, pink hard nipples poking out ready for fun and games. She puckers her glossy lips and looks us in the eye, where are we going? We are going to lay on the bed with Lady Gang and it seems she’s in need of some pussy attention. She slides her long slender fingers over her moist panties as her cunt lips crave some action. Lady is such a beautiful babe and we are virtually together with her as she slides her fingers into her knickers with her tits brushing the bed sheets. She’s desperate for a lady wank, she starts gently flicking her clit, it’s starting to tingle and she feels the warmth of an orgasm building deep inside. Lady’s wet down there and she’s struggling to hold off cuming, our camera takes us in close, every inch of her hot Czech body is a smouldering sexual sensation. Her pussy is throbbing, faster and faster she flicks her soaking wet bean, uhhh, it’s all too much, Lady Gang couldn’t hold back any longer, soaking her panties, the sheets and her fingers she’s wanked herself into a wet orgasmic mess. In her mind she had one idea, “Bang Me!”, we bet you’ve been beating yourselves off and have made a sticky mess too. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.


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