BBC for my Wife – RealityLovers

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When we say BBC, we don’t mean the British State broadcaster, we mean Big Black Cock. Lauren Philips is a rampant Atlantic City redhead, she’s athletic and a MILF who’s fit to fuck any guy’s brains out. Laying in the room looking horny for a banging she’s talkative on the tartan blanket. Aha, here come’s “Big Brother”. His dick is the perfect pecker for VR Porn, it’s huge. Lauren will find this one a real mouthful for a blowjob, a fanny filler of a fuck and dare she bend over and take that up her ass, she’ll be able to shit like a horse after stretching her sphincter to the limit. Sucking him off it’s clear from the look in her eyes she’s impressed. Lauren is desperate for his dick in her wet and sticky pussy, he’s going to slip it deep into her cunt. Mr Big pumps her like a pro, thrusting her clit she moans as the shafting of her slot is subjected to a fuck from a big black cock. They change position, riding his bell-end all ways as they are a great fuck-double, the racy redhead and black stallion are seriously excited to fuck for virtual reality. Lauren plays with his penis, it’s wet from her gushing pussy juices, he’s throbbed his knob deep inside her and she’s felt what a BBC is all about, being that big it must be hard work having a hard-on. Reality Lovers take you there in VR


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