Caught In The Act – RealityLovers

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Fancy something tasty? Yes, we all like a little nibble on something don’t we? Let’s see what Verona Sky is up to, we peep into the kitchen and she’s preparing some food, chopping away at a cucumber. Verona is a rampant auburn-haired babe with chestnut brown eyes and the naughtiest look in her eyes we’ve seen for too long. Looking through the kitchen cupboards Verona stumbles upon a magazine, by the looks of it, it’s clearly not Jamie fucking Oliver. No, it’s a porn mag. Saucy indeed. She’s dressed in a tight pair of denim shorts, a silky blouse and black high heels. We suspect it’s hot in that kitchen and we think Verona is about to cook up something sticky and sweet. Leafing through the pages she’s aroused and slips open her top, what a fantastically shaped couple of tits she has and those nipples look like glossy cherries on the cake. As she starts to get excited, she sneaks a quick finger into her shorts. Her panties are a little wet. The urge to have a crafty lady wank is too strong, slipping off her denim shorts reveals her silky black panties and now she can really get down to fingering her cunt. Whipping off her knickers and throwing them on the floor she parks her pert little ass cheeks onto the kitchen worktop and flicks her bean with her legs wide open as she gets off on a good old girl’s clit flicking activity. She seems to have forgotten that she’s not “Home Alone”, sitting in the living room her wanking is Caught in The Act by our man, she confesses that she’s so horny and comes right over. Seems like her snack starts off to be a big hard erect penis and once she’s given it a most welcome blow-job she slides his cock between her tits and gently gives his prick a lilt tit wank. Now our VR comes into its own as she gets a little fingering of her pussy flaps, she’s good and wet and needs a cock inside her. Thrusting into her pussy she squeals with delight, and don’t you just love how with virtual reality we are so close it’s like you came along, or perhaps you will indeed “cum along”, stroking one off to her performance. Getting so close as Verona opens her legs wide and shoving her pussy close enough to taste, (almost) makes it magical. A wankers delight with super detailed sight. She gets banged in missionary position, flips and sits on his cock shaft stinking it into her minge as she moans with pleasure for your leisure. So, looks like the slinking Verona Sky was indeed Caught in The Act. It’s amazing what you can whip up in the kitchen we see. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.


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