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The plan was to watch a movie but Clemence Audiard and Lisa Belys are going to propose you something different. They want to skip the movie and go straight to the sex! They are in front of you and they start to kiss each other. Wow! Just thinking about the threesome that you are going to have now is turning you on.Clemence starts masturbating you while Lisa licks her nipple. Then, both kneel and lick your dick from the bottom to the top right before taking turns to give you a blowjob. Clemence jumps on you and sticks your cock inside of her in cowgirl position. Then, in reverse cowgirl-style you fuck Lisa. But they want to try the other’s position, so you have sex with the two of them again. Now, you fuck Lisa in doggy and missionary while Clemence masturbate herself watching you both. At the end, you get your cock inside of Clemence in missionary and then Lisa will masturbate you so you can cum over Clemence’s body.


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