Do You Like My Feet?

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Barbie Rous comes in the room wearing a white sexy lingerie on. She stays in front of you, who are laying down on the bed, and she starts to kiss your chest and to caress you with her feet. She takes off your underwear and gives you a footjob until you get hard. Then she kneels and gives you a blowjob: she licks your dick very sensually and then she sticks it inside her mouth and starts the moves up and down.She sits on top of you and you fuck her. She puts her hands behind her head so you can see her rounded boobs and how she touches them while you have sex. Then, she turns around to fuck with you in reverse cowgirl and you see how your cock gets inside of her while she moves her big butt. After that, you want to take the lead so you have sex with her in missionary and doggy and you fuck the way you want. She masturbates you until you cum over her.


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