Hey, Teacher! – RealityLovers

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They say our school days are the best of our lives, but as we know there were always some naughty students. Gina Gerson is a Siberian porn sensation, and she’s going to show us just how naughty she can be. (She’s legal by the way). We meet her in the classroom with Mr Teacher, looks like someone is going to get a lesson, who will it be? Let’s see. She’s late for her lesson, talking to the teacher she says she’s sorry but by the look of the teacher’s swollen dick, he might overlook it. In no time at all she’s got his dick out of his suit trousers and is wanking him off, must be a human biology lesson. Gina’s dressed in a cropped t-shirt exposing her sexy midriff and a short little skirt, in no time at all she’s getting naked, tits out first and what a lovely pert set they are. She’s obviously been doing her homework as she seems masterful at masturbating the teacher’s rather large cock. She’s been getting behind with her school work, now she wants it from behind as the teacher shoves his penis deep inside her, he’s a proper fanny banger she’s loving it and can’t get enough. These two are really at it, Gina spreads her legs and begs for a good pussy banging as he loads his sizeable sausage into her tight wet cunt. The teacher gets a taste of her pussy as Gina pleasures herself, all up close in VR, she shoves her sopping wet fingers into his mouth. He loves it and goes down on her for some juicy cunnilingus on her pussy. Just look at the size of his huge cock as he penetrates her again and again, on her back, up her crack, she’s so hot he’s going to empty his sack. Our camera gets in so close, it’s a wonder he can fit into her fanny as her fantastic little ass is bent over right in front of us. It looks like the lesson has gone well. Top marks, if that was detention it got our full attention. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.


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