Nice and Sexy – RealityLovers

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She’s back, Charly Nice and she really is very nice indeed, our intimate mate. Charly is an absolute stunner with her long strawberry blonde hair and fabulous face, she’s a classic hot little chick and we think she’s got something she wants to flick. Can you guess what it is? We zoom in on her all alone in a bedroom, she’s dressed in slinky black lingerie and she’s looking smoking hot. She’s laying on crisp white sheets of a big bed with a soft pink rose next to her. Looks like she’s feeling raunchy rather than romantic though, what might she get up to? Our VR rig loves her stunning features, such a fuck busting body is getting all up close, we can almost smell her pheromones as she slips out of her clothes. Her soft brown eyes are looking right at us, making us hard with anticipation as her nipples sneak out, just look at those perfect tits, her sleek “wanna fuck” body provokes an erection perfection. Now we see her flicking fetish takes over. Charly’s keeps making deep eye contact and she’s slipped her long elegant finger into her moist panties, pushing it into her pussy lips. She’s got her finger on her cum button as she flicks her moist bean. Imagine how wet she is, such a hot naughty girl wanking for us, all up close. Moaning with joy, Charly’s flicking it, rubbing around the swollen throbbing clit, nipples hard and erect. We bet you are too, someone’s going to blow, she’s put on quite a show. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.


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