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It’s a wonderful day for a picnic outside! Melissa Hot sits in front of you and takes an apple to eat, but she eats it so sexy that you start to get horny. You caress her leg, and she answers this by taking down her t- shirt, showing you her tits. She starts to caress your dick over the trousers when she sees that you are hard.She takes off your trousers so she can give you a blowjob. She uses her hand to masturbate you while she licks your balls and then she sticks your cock inside her mouth. Then, she sits on you and fucks you in cowgirl-style, still wearing her t-shirt but showing you her boobs. You sit down so you can take the lead and fuck her: you do in in missionary but also in doggy. She sits on you again and you have sex in reverse cowgirl until you cum inside of her.


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