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Meet Kayla Green & Lina Arian, they love rock and they suck cock. Music can penetrate the soul, and touch our inner emotions but these two girl groupies want pussy penetration and to touch and stroke some hard rock cock. Our VR camera catches the moment our rock star runs under the arena back to the touring campervan, but he’s ambushed by the girls who are clearly a little excited. Our musician is wet from onstage sweat, the girls are almost wetting themselves from ecstatic expectation as there smoothly shaved pussies are eager to “feel the music and ride the vibe”. They are all inside the van sleeping space, the girls are a killer combination of dirty blonde and bad girl brunette, they’ve hardly got started yet and they are both groping the rockers cock. The blonde gets her busty big tits out first, she’s gagging for a good seeing too and whips off her panties first revealing her sweet shaved pussy lips with her cute little ass. The brunette starts playing with the guy’s cock giving a little blowjob, licking his swollen bell-end as it pulses hard and horny at his double babe bonanza. Our blonde wants cock and loses no time getting on her back and opening her crack, At the same time the brunette seems to be enjoying licking her nipples. Blonde swallows the cock deep inside her wet pussy as her friend diddles her clit a bit as she moans away. Brunette needs some man inside, her panties are down, her shaven pussy haven and tight little ass cheeks are bent over ready to have some “hot rock cock” pushed in, she’s loving it, groaning and moaning as his cock hits the right note with her throbbing clit. Both girls are far from camera-shy, they like to get the VR vagina shots up-close, right in your face those soft wet lips and clits are in your face. They love pulling fanny lips open, butt holes close enough to lick, so you feel like a Rockstar. As the Stones once sang, I can’t get no satisfaction”, but as you can see with VR, you’re the star, rock your cock to these two Honky Tonk women. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.


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