Sexy Chubby 2 – RealityLovers

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We’ve got the perfect VR Porn video for you if you are a little pervy to see curvy. Aleya Sun is a hot Czech brunette in her mid-20s and she’s a horny little minx. Her supple skin and slightly fuller body make an exciting porn girl package to jerk off to. Pulling her clothes off we see her hot red silkie panties in contrast to her black stockings and bra. Her perfectly shaven pussy haven is gagging for a fuck and her cunt lips are as open as her imagination. Being a porn star with plenty of tricks, she shoves the dick inside her snatch, but only after fucking with a clear plastic dildo. How about a tit wank? hell yeah, those things are 38D as you can see. Our porn guys already played with Aleya’s fanny, now she’s going to get fucked between her warm tits, he eases his long hard cock into “passion valley”. What a lovely face she has too, a proper GFE feel to this video and is Aleya really chubby? Her peachy ass, silky brown hair and dreamy eyes bring a reality effect to virtual reality. We love the little gasps and moans two, this only adds to the sensual wanking effect. What’s her best trick? Fanny action, the blow job moves, maybe you would like to just see Aleya’s wet pussy as her clit tingles with the effects of a fucking good seeing to. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.


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