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Just think, you’ve been fast asleep in the apartment, how might you be awoken? Perhaps the alarm clock? Well, Nikki Dream, (a great name for a wake-up storyline), likes to wake up to a hard cock rather than an alarm clock. Now, do you like big girls? Only in the complementary context, we are going to get a real treat from a curvy cute chubby Czech VR Porn star. She’s got plenty to zoom in on in our immersive virtual reality environment. Nikki is stretched out with our porn guy. She yawns a little but she’s obviously been “having a dream” of sex. Actually, she’s as horny as fuck and needs a fucking good seeing too. Nikki talks to the camera and says she doesn’t want to go to the job and she doesn’t want to be lazy. Yes, you’ve guessed it, she wants to bang the guy’s brains out. Nikki is a proper hottie, but then there are quite a few dreams from the Czech Republic, trust us, we know many more… She’s quite a woman, 5’9” 178 cm tall and blessed with big bouncy bosoms, 34C as you can see. Nikki has been in the adult movie business since she was 19 and nine years later, she’s banging more cock than ever. Dressed in figure-hugging lingerie, it’s quite apparent that Nikki is literally a voluptuous vixen. Stripping off her green panties and top her massive tits pop out. Not too long later those boobies will be smothered and dripping with baby oil, her pussy is quite wet with excitement already. She takes the guy’s hard swollen prick between her generous mammary gland and starts a glorious tit wank, just imagine the guy’s cock helmet, it’s squeezed between her warm oily tits and throbbing as he fights the urge to ejaculate too soon. Her shaved fanny lips look very inviting and we know this curvy babe knows all kinds of fuck positions. Imagine, Nikki looks at you with that mischievous look in her eyes, this ash blonde lets you sink your cock shaft into her joy slot and she rides you for all she’s worth. When you have such a naughty chick and such a treat for your dick, it’s a struggle not to cum too quickly. So, have a think and probably a wank and consider, would you prefer to blow your sticky load between her tits or explode deep inside her pussy? She’s sexy, chubby and quite likely a wet dream. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.


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