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You are in the bed reading a book when Lucy Mendez sits down next to you and starts to put body oil on her legs. Then, she pulls down her robe, looks at you naked, and spreads the oil all over her skin and boobs. Her body is glittering! She looks at you in a sensual way because you can’t stop looking at her and you are getting hard.She takes off your underwear and looks at your dick with lust. She gives you a blowjob licking your cock from top to bottom and sticking it inside her mouth. She jumps on you and you have sex with her looking at her skinny body. She turns around and you fuck her in reverse cowgirl watching you her butt moves up and down. You take her and fuck her in missionary and doggy so you can control the moves and depth of this awesome sex with her. At the end, she takes you dick and masturbates you so you cum over her naked body.


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