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Holly Macron, it’s good news for granny bangers, it’s not often we bring you a performer with silver high heels matching her silver hair, but we have some highly experienced fanny for you in Slutty GILF with Nicola Volt. Not just a volt but a shock. Nicola is a randy porn star, she’s just 5’5” tall, (165cm). She can show us a thing or two, we meet her in a room dressed in an elegant dress, she’s looking horny, and she has the kind of look in her eye that means she’s about to get naughty and naked, just what will she get up-to we wonder? Slipping off her dress, we can see that Nicola has kinky black suspenders on and in no time at all she has no knickers too, we bet she’s very used to dropping them and is clearly not “shag shy”. She’s got her tits out, let’s just hope she won’t get her teeth out too! Just look at her tits, a couple of bouncing boobs she just loves to play with. In her 60s, this Czech porn granny has a highly fuckable fanny, and plenty of sex-perience as we see her gliding a dildo through her tits expertly. Her pussy lips want to kiss one of those dildos, there is a big pink one that looks like a toy that can simulate much like a cock of a big boy. She’s slipping it up her slot, her clit needs a bit of flicking and we’re sure she’s enjoyed a fair bit of licking. Different folks, different strokes, with an older woman, a fetish for many, we take you close-up in VR. We hope it proves a wonderful wanker watching experience. Can you imagine Nicola taking your hard swollen cock in hand, you grope her ass, she strokes your prick as it twitches as you struggle not to blow your load too soon, that’s what’s in her mind as she pleasures herself, messing with her minge on a sex binge. Nicola is not so young, but she knows more than most how to have sex fun. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.


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