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Cherry Kiss is doing yoga on the mat in the living room in front of you. You are looking at her and how she stretches. Her moves make her highlight her figure, her butt and her boobs. She comes close to you, touching her own boobs, to tell you that she likes your attention. She sits on you, moves her butt against your bulge to get you hard, and smiles when she gets it. She gets up and puts her hand inside her leggings to touch herself because she is horny now.She takes off her top and kneels so you can see her boobs while she gives you a blowjob. She opens her legs for you and you touch her pussy right before having sex with her. She rides you in cowgirl-style at the same time that she touches herself. Her moans are loud when you stick your cock in her doing different positions as missionary or doggy. At the end, she takes out your dick and masturbate you until you come. Then, she takes some of your cum and licks it from her hand to taste you.


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