The Woman in Red – RealityLovers

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Wahey, it’s Jessy Jey, looks like it’s time to get up close and personal. Jessy is a ravishingly hot brunette you won’t forget. She’s a classy chick, will she do a sexy bean flick? Let’s see. You meet her in the satin white room, the perfect VR studio, she’s wearing a slinky red drape-over clinging to her stunning body, underneath Jessy is almost bursting out of her black lingerie. Just look at those fantastic tits jumping to get out. It’s won’t be long until she dazzles you as she slips out of her clothes, she’s smoothing her hands over her body, her silky long hair flowing, your hard cock growing, let’s see what Jessy will show. She’s got that look in her eyes and look at those long elegant thighs, she’s provoking you laying on the bed, rolling towards you, her glorious locks of hair tumble onto the bed as she starts playing in her little black outfit. You are on your VR own with a stunningly elegant woman and she wants to play with herself, “for you”! Bingo, out in your face almost close enough to lick her buxom tits are sensational, and check out those perky little nipples all hard and excited, we bet she’s not the only one. Jessy is rubbing and squeezing her boobs, would you like to jerk off all over them? Laying out on the bed she feels horny, slowly pulling her skirt down, what’s she doing? Playing with her pussy, slipping her long fingers with her bright red fresh shiny nails into her panties. In they go, sliding over her juicy clit and flicking her bean for an intimate lady wank. Imagine how wet her panties will get, she’s hit the glory spot, look into her eyes as she starts breathing heavily as her throbbing clit pulsates as she treats you and her beautiful cunt to a one-to-one cum. Such an elegant lady, such a naughty girl and don’t you just love it when she keeps those kinky high heels on. Did you get messy over Jessy? Reality Lovers take you there in VR.rnrn


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