UA Women part 3 – RealityLovers

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Erotic elegance is a very popular porn niche, especially when we are lucky enough to shoot sex scenes with a raging hot MILF. Fast becoming a hot VR Porn performer, we bring you Julia North in the seductive sequence UA Woman part 3. We meet the horny Julia in a minimalistic cool apartment, what might she get up to we wonder? Julia has perched her sweet little ass on a leather chair, she looks like a professional secretary dressed in her peach pink dress, and we can imagine her warm pussy hiding away in her panties. We love the entire look; Julia has those kinky peach high heels matching her dress with her silky stocking stretching all the way up her long shapely legs. Don’t you just wish we could take a sneaky peep up her skirt? Don’t worry, we are going far deeper and harder than that, Julia North is a VR Porn sensation and we know just how to satisfy willing wankers. Now she’s finished dusting some makeup with her brush in the mirror, it looks like it’s time for some DIY as Julia produces two long hard pink latex dildos. Do you think she’s going to “diddle her do da”? No shit, you guessed right. She’s provoking us, Julia’s pulled up her dress and is taunting us by parking her ass cheeks right in front of us, with the VR Porn magic her moist panties and buttocks are in our faces. Pulling her MILF boobs out we get to see just how it will end, no milking the tits, but milking our hard swollen cocks as she wobbles her tits right in our faces too. Off come those panties, her bare ass is sitting on the leather chair, still with her stockings and heels on she spreads her fanny lips wide open for the perfect “cunt up front” money shot as the urge to flick her wet clit overwhelms her and she treats us to the intimate exhibition of a lady wank. Now it’s time to diddle those dildos with a double whammy, we think she’s done that before, perfectly inserting them in the magic spot up her wet slot she going to drive us to delirium with her filthy MILF show. Julia rides those dildos with the passion of a real hard swollen cock, grinding her clit we can see she’s so fit, and all the time in those silky stockings. Now, we are not Santa and Christmas comes only once a year, but we would be happy to “fill her stockings with a gift” any day and we bet you would too. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.


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