UA Women part 4 – RealityLovers

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Are you ready to plunge deeply into an Eastern European fantasy, we hope so. Our camera crew are on a mission, they enter a spacious deluxe apartment to meet the rather naughty Viks Angel, a VR Porn performer with a growing reputation for behaving erotically and provocatively. Viks is in a lovely floral dress, we expect she will flash us her own “flower” very shortly. It looks like she won’t be without entertainment as we spot something in the draw next to her. What can it be? Yes, is a fucking big black plastic dildo and we know just where that dildo will go. She’s sat on a big chair almost like a throne, it’s Royal blue. Perhaps she’s dreaming about kissing a frog later to turn him into a prince. Of course, these days it’s more likely a prince will turn into a clown, rather than a frog turning into a prince. The VR Porn camera rig has zoomed in on our deviant deva as she cavorts her body in front of us, provoking the viewers as she lifts up her dress to reveal her toned and fit body. Her silky-smooth skin wrapped in creamy lingerie, we bet there will be some “creaming” going on in your hands over this VR Porn as you become tempted to stroke off a swift wank jerking off to Viks, who we all know ain’t no angel. Viks is getting naked for us and she seems to want to show off her ass, look at her buttocks, they are like smooth dumplings and we know you’d love to get your hands on them. It’s time to ramp up the erotic hypnotic show with some sexy seductive sensations for virtual voyeurs the way only VR Porn can. Viks pulled down her knickers and just look at her fanny, yes, that’s quite a pussy, those flaps, the cunt hole, it’s time to go in deep, let’s take the plunge. Her piss flaps might be where she gets the idea for her stage name, “Angel” because her flaps are big and wide and would be great to slide inside. Her pussy seems to be deep and wide, a little bit like the river Dnieper, we guess. Now Viks has squirted lots of baby oil all over her cheeky little tits, look at them, like 911 car headlights, do they dazzle you? She’s sliding a big black plastic dildo over her boobs and we know it’s time to shove it in her angel flaps. Viks is fucking her fanny with some plastic fantastic and clearly loving every minute, we bet you are too. Once she began fingering her wet flange and making her minge moist, that dildo slipped in like magic. She pumped and grinds the toy over her clit and she was getting wetter than ever. Jumping on top of it for a raging toy fuck is enough to bring her to climax. Viks started off with creamy lingerie, got a little wet, gushed oil all over her body and diddled herself with a dildo into a sticky orgasmic mess. An Angel? We think not, what do you think? Reality Lovers take you there in VR.


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