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Josephine Jackson is ready to go to the match. She is wearing sexy sports clothes and has a ball in her hands. She stops in front of your because she realizes that you are waiting to do the lucky rituals to go because when you do them, your team always wins. What is the last ritual to fulfill before going out? The answer is here…She kneels and take off your trousers, seeing that you are already hard, because you knew what was coming. She takes your dick with both hands and masturbates you at the same time that she sticks it inside her mouth. Her up and down moves make you have a blast! She undresses and she keeps masturbating you but now with her feet! She rides you and fucks you in cowgirl and you can watch how her big boobs jump because of her moves. She turns around and you fuck her in reverse cowgirl, grabbing her ass. But you want to control the moves now, so you do the missionary and doggy to have sex in the speed you like it most. She can’t help herself and moans louder and louder. At the end, still in missionary, you take her feet and masturbate yourself with them to cum.


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