Overexcited Roommates

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Eliz Benson and Winter Ashby gracefully enter the room while you are engrossed in your reading. Wearing stylish short black dresses, they greet you with naughty smiles. Without hesitation, they take the book from your hands and set it aside, proceeding to kiss in front of you. Watching them makes you hard and more when they take off their upper part of the dress and start to lick and kiss their boobs.They take off your trousers and masturbate you while Eliz Benson gives Winter Ashby a pussy licking. Then, they both take turns to lick your cock and they stick it inside their mouths. After that, Eliz sits on top of you and you fuck her in cowgirl position while the other touches her pussy. They change positions and now you fuck Winter Ashby in reverse cowgirl and in missionary too, touching her boobs while the other masturbate looking at the hot sex you are having with her roommate. At the end, Eliz masturbates you so you cum over Winter’s body.


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